In Pakistan

Nearly 30 million children are enrolled in school today.

Yet half of fifth graders cannot read a story intended for the second grade.

In Pakistan 30 million children go to school, pay for school, long for school – and learn nothing.

The reason for this major national crisis is simple. The quality of education offered in Pakistan today is disastrous. There is a severe lack of qualified teachers and a crippling absence of adequate content.

We can change this.

Our Story

Reading Room Project (RRP) builds outstanding learning environments for low-income students.

Nadeem had got a new hat that day.

Nadeem had got a new hat that day.

We harness the tremendous power of the Internet to eliminate teacher dependency and traditional textbook limitations.

We create supportive learning environments (computer labs) - for high potential, low-income students to attend after school, where we teach them how to use computers, the Internet and a vast array of educational web resources.

Busily drafting that week's blogpost.

Busily drafting that week's blogpost.

By curating the best online educational content from around the world and presenting it to students in a structured, motivating setting, we can teach them any subject.

We work relentlessly in partnership with students to ensure academic outcomes as well as deep conceptual understanding.

Image editing, but first: what is a pixel?

Image editing, but first: what is a pixel?

We begin with intensive digital and English literacy, for these comprise the foundation of all future self-learning. Our research-based methods ensure deep comprehension and critical thinking.


Once literate, our students embark on our subject pathways to explore any other subject in the world. Our Learning Coaches help them along the way.

Our vision is to give every learner the freedom to self-learn any subject, anyhow and anywhere.

Help us. Join the movement.

(Sources: Alif Ailaan, ASER Pakistan 2013)